Lil' ID Bracelet
Lil' ID Bracelet Lil' ID Bracelet Lil' ID Bracelet

Our Lil' ID Bracelets, are one of our most popular sellers. Letters measure approx. 1.2mm. Type your stamping request in the text box. Up to 12 letters, symbols, or numbers. You can add, up to 5 diamonds to your plate! Each diamond measure approx. 1.3mm, and takes up 2 letter spaces. Please adjust letter requests, if you include diamonds.  

Plate measures approx. 2mm x 30mm.

Special Symbols: Please use: ( + ) to represent a plus sign, ( * ) to represent a star, ( <3 ) for a heart, ( dia. ) for diamond, and (#) for hashtag!

Please allow us 1 week, to make a Lil' ID Bracelet, just for you!

You can try on a Lil' ID Bracelet at the one and only, Catbird, 219 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NY. Feel free to contact us/them for availability!